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November 9, 2007

 1. Talk to G. Notice he has shrunk.

2. Zoom in on the Ferensic Analyser 3000 and comb the pink hair down. The machine will recognise it as a pink puffle.

3. G will give you some white hairs. Put them in the machine. The hair is recognised as belonging to an unknown specimen. It has traces of hot chocolate, pizza sauce and jet pack fuel. This thing sure makes a mess.

4. G can track the creature but the tracking machine needs the three substances to find traces of them around town. You must collect the three substances.

5. Before you leave the Gadget Room, grab the AC 1000 prototype and teleport to the Beacon.

6. Use the AC 1000 to blow the balloon with the jet pack fuel to you. Cut the string and pick up the fuel.

7. Go to the Pizza Parlour, and ask the chef what happened then ask to take samples of the two sauces. 

8. Take the pizza to the penguin fishing outside the door where you play Ice Fishing.

9. Go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the penguin at the counter. Zoom in on the coffee machine and attach the wire to the hole with the spanner.

10. Put the coffee mug below the hot choclate nozzle and put the chocolate sauce in the bowl. Then press the red button. Pick up the coffee mug.

11. Go back to G. Put all the substances in the machine with the funnel.

12. Take the orange goggles and turn them on.

13. Then you can follow the creature’s tracks around and around and around and around until you find it… or you can go on a cool site like this one and follow step 14!

14. Go to the Lighthouse and pick up the rope. Then go to the Beach and pick up a net from the pile by the Lighthouse door. Put them both together and you have a trap.

15. Go to the Ski Lodge and speak to the penguin hiding under the sofa. Then go outside and set up the trap. You trap a crab, but the creature runs off and leaves some fur behind.

16. Pick up the trapped crab and the fur and go to the Gadget Room.

17. Look at the Thingy-Majig 3000. It now makes toast.

18. Give the crab to G and put the fur in the machine.

19. The fur, now clean and sauce less, can be identified as the fur of a…POLAR BEAR!

20. G will say goodbye.

Mission Complete.

you also get a free pizza and a medal