secret agent missions help

I got This from  purplepirate He has a Really COOL site


mission 1


1. Talk to Aunt Arctic.

2. Go to the Ice Rink.

3. Get the picture of the green puffle.

4. Give it to Aunt Arctic and then go to the Pet Shop.

5. Decode the message on one of the kennels.

6. Go to G and tell him how many socks he has61 socks

7. He will open the gadget cupboard.

8. Take the rubber ring blaster and rescue the penguins stranded on the Iceberg.

9. Talk to the penguins you rescue and then go to the mountain.

10. Look through the telescope and you will see the lost puffles.

11. Get the climbing device from G and climb up the tallest mountain.

12. Get the puffles and give them to Aunt Arctic.

Mission Complete

mission 2


1. Tell G the code word, mogul.

2. He will give you a sled. Pick it up and go to the Mountain.

3. Now go down Test Run. When you crash, look for a survival guide and a piece of rope. Pick them both up.

4. When you see the guide book, go behind it to the bush of o’berries.

5. Pick three o’berries and shake the tree next to the bush.

6. A saucepan will fall out of it. Pick it up.

7. Then go behind the bush into the tree stump. Scare away all the puffles until only the black one remains. Give the black one an o’berry. He is now on your side.

8. Then, go left until you see a log. Go to the log and pick up the snow board. Then return to the stump.

9. Carry on going right until you see a cave. Go to the cave and click on one of the stones. This will make a ring of stones.

10. Then leave the cave and go to the river. Next to you there should be a log. Get it.

11. Now you can go to the river.

12. Put some water in the saucepan.

13. Then put the snow board, the rope and one of the o’berries together to make a fishing rod. Catch a fish.

14. Go back to the cave and put the log down in the ring of stones. Now it’s time to burn the survival guide!

15. Put it on the fire and give the puffle an o’berry. He eats it, sets on fire and starts the fire.

16. Burn the fish and then boil the water. Drink the water.

17. You go to sleep and when you wake up you are met by a secret agent with a jetpack. He takes you home.

 Mission Complete

mission 3


1. First, talk to the rookie agent.

2. Ask him if he has seen anything suspicous and ask him to check the door.

3. The idiot has lost the code and can’t open the door again.

4. So go up to the office and look for a disk under the sofa. Get the paperclip too.

5. Put it in the computer and go to My Files, Combination Number. The N, E, S and W, means north, east, south and west.

6. Remember the number and go back downstairs.

7. Put the number in to the lock.

8. You go into the vault and see the coins stuck to the ceiling. You need to get them down.

9. You receive a call from G on your spy phone.

10. He wants you to go to the HQ. Go there and watch G’s CCTV footage.

11. Then open the draw on the HQ table and get the square gold key.

12. Go back to the Gift Shop Office and go to the right. Use the key to open the roof door.

13. Use the spanner in the spy phone to open the machine.

14. Use the paperclip to destroy the machine.

15. Pick up the white piece of hair on the drain.

16. You hear a crash downstairs. So go down and get the rookie out of all the fallen coins.

17. Then go back to G and give him the white hair.

18. Then look around the HQ and get the torch.

19. Go to the Town and talk to the crying penguin.

20. Then use the torch to get to the Boiler Room.

21. Open the fuse box and turn all the lights green.

22. Talk to the Dancing Penguin in the back of the Night Club.

23. Then go back to the HQ and report to G.

Mission Complete

mission 4


1. Talk to G. You have to rescue some penguins from an avalanche. G will open the Gadget Room for you.

2. Go in the Gadget Room. Look at the Thingy-Majig 3000. It is cool.

3. Pick the life preserver shooter.

4. Go to the Ski Lodge. Pick up the fishing rod. Put it in with the life preserver shooter.

5. Leave the Ski Lodge and enter the Sports Shop. Look for a lime green penguin and steal its pirate belt. Pick it up.

6. Go outside and talk to the Dancing Penguin. He is crying, as usual. He wants you to fix the ski lift.

7. Then zoom in on the ski lift.

8. Put the pirate belt on it and you will fix it. Zoom out and pick up the white fur.

9. Go to the Lighthouse. Look for a rope and put in with the fishing rod and the life preserver shooter. You have made penguin rescuing machine.

10. Go upstairs. Using the spanner on your spy phone, disconnect the telescope. Put it right on the silver screw. Put the telescope into your inventory.

11. Go back to the Sport Shop and go upstairs to Gary’s Room. Put the telescope on the tripod.

12. You can see the route you will need to use later in the mission. Either write it down or type it up on Word or Notepad.

 13. Now go to the top of the mountain. Go down the pathway and follow your map on Word, Notepad or your piece of paper. You can just trial an error, but it takes forever.

14. When you get to the end, put the life preserver shooter machine on the fence.

15. Rescue the first penguin by lowering the machine. When he grabs it, put him on the cliff by the big rock.

16. Knock down the branches above the second penguin with the machine, then pick up Penguin 1 and make Penguin 2 grab Penguin 1’s legs. PUt them on the cliff with the big rock.

17. Put one of the rescued penguins on the branch. It will go down. Then get the other rescued penguin and use him to recue Penguin 3. H eis on the right of the branch but below it.

18. Put them all on the cliff. They will push off the rock and the fourth penguin’s ring will bounce up. Get all the rescued penguins and lower them down to the fourth one. You have rescued all of them.

19. You are at the mountain top. Talk to G and give him the fibres.

Mission Complete.

mission 5


1. Talk to G. Notice he has shrunk.

2. Zoom in on the Ferensic Analyser 3000 and comb the pink hair down. The machine will recognise it as a pink puffle.

3. G will give you some white hairs. Put them in the machine. The hair is recognised as belonging to an unknown specimen. It has traces of hot chocolate, pizza sauce and jet pack fuel. This thing sure makes a mess.

4. G can track the creature but the tracking machine needs the three substances to find traces of them around town. You must collect the three substances.

5. Before you leave the Gadget Room, grab the AC 1000 prototype and teleport to the Beacon.

6. Use the AC 1000 to blow the balloon with the jet pack fuel to you. Cut the string and pick up the fuel.

7. Go to the Pizza Parlour, and ask the chef what happened then ask to take samples of the two sauces. 

8. Take the pizza to the penguin fishing outside the door where you play Ice Fishing.

9. Go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the penguin at the counter. Zoom in on the coffee machine and attach the wire to the hole with the spanner.

10. Put the coffee mug below the hot choclate nozzle and put the chocolate sauce in the bowl. Then press the red button. Pick up the coffee mug.

11. Go back to G. Put all the substances in the machine with the funnel.

12. Take the orange goggles and turn them on.

13. Then you can follow the creature’s tracks around and around and around and around until you find it… or you can go on a cool site like this one and follow step 14!

14. Go to the Lighthouse and pick up the rope. Then go to the Beach and pick up a net from the pile by the Lighthouse door. Put them both together and you have a trap. Pick up a candle from the Ski Lodge for bait!

15. Go to the Ski Lodge and speak to the penguin hiding under the sofa. Then go outside and set up the trap. You trap a crab, but the creature runs off and leaves some fur behind.

16. Pick up the trapped crab and the fur and go to the Gadget Room.

17. Look at the Thingy-Majig 3000. It now makes toast.

18. Give the crab to G and put the fur in the machine.

19. The fur, now clean and sauce less, can be identified as the fur of a…POLAR BEAR!

20. G will say goodbye.

Mission Complete. 


1. Talk to G and tell him to start the crab’s interigation.

2. The machine will blow up and the crab will escape. First look at the Thingy-Majig 3002. It now tries to make a castle out of playing cards. Then follow the crab.

3. When it escapes up the mountain, jump of the edge and you will roll down the ide of the mountain.

4. You will arrive in the Wilderness. Keep going right until you see a log next to a bush.

5. Zoom in on the log and cut the rope attatching the O’berries to the tree with the scissors in the Spy Phone.

6. Then go more to the right and zoom in on the stump. Give an O’berry to the black puffle. He’s back! He will now follow you everywhere.

7. Keep going right until you see the cave that you stayed in, in Mission 6. Go to the cave. The crab will go in through the pet flap.

8. You can’t get through the door, so put an O’berry in the pet flap and the puffle will go in and open the door.

9. Oh no! You have been trapped. You are in a cage looking out on a strange cave.

10. A polar bear will appear and steal your Spy Phone.

11. Talk to him and he will start to show you his never ending life story.

12. It turns out he is called Herbert P. Bear and he is from the South Pole. He wanted to go somewhere hot, so he decided to get on an iceberg and float away. However, he got near Club Penguin and his iceberg tipped. He couldn’t swim, but a crab called Klutzy rescued him. He now plans to burn the Ski Lodge and make a huge bonfire to keep him warm.

13. Anyway, Herbert leaves with the chopping machine, but stil you need to get out of the cage. Look around for the cage lift.

14. Put an O’berry on the brown leaver and the black puffle will jump on it. Lots of water will be released and go into the drain.

15. Put another O’berry on the end of the gutter. The black puffle will jump on it and weigh it down.

16. Now put an O’berry on the platform and the puffle will go on it. The cage is now lifted.

17. Before you leave, you need to get four things. They are hot sauce, the blueprints for the Electro-Magnet 3000, a rope and a pitch fork.

18. Put the pitchfork and the rope together to make a climbing device. Leave the cave.

19. An avalanche is caused. How will you get out?

20. Put the hot sauce and an O’berry together to make a burning O’berry.

21. Get the puffle to eat the burning O’berry and he will burn a whole through all the snow blocking the door.

22. Go to the right, then go to the tree stump, go to the left, go to the log, go to the left and zoom in on the black cliff.

23. Get closer to the cliff, then zoom in on it again. Put the climbing device on the cliff and climb up.

24. Go to the Ski Lodge and see if Herbert is there. He will be in the fishing yard. He wants brain food.

25. Go back to the Ski Village and look around until you see the Dock.

26. Zoom in on the Dock. Look around until you see the Town. Zoom in on it.

27. Look around until you see the Snow Forts. Zoom in on them.

28. Look around until you see the Plaza. Then go in the Pizza Parlour.

29. Ask the penguin at the till for a seaweed pizza.

30. Return to the Ski Lodge. Give the pizza to Herbert.

31. Then pull a lever on the machine and wait for Herbert to start working on it again.

32. The machine now goes in the other direction, so the Polar Bear and Klutzy get thrown backwards.

33. G will arrive and give you your rewards.

Mission Complete. 


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