untitled.jpggo to the swimming pool and you will find the spider thats the new (pin).

untitled6.jpg go to the dance lounge and you will see the u.f.o pin  in between thin ice and astro barrier that the new (pin).

untitled24.jpg go to the cove and look for the haystack its right near  catching and waes that the new ( pin ).

untitled2.jpggo to the coffe shop and the pin is right on the tree  that the (new pin).

ggjhguj1.jpggo to the ski lodge and go up stairs to the lodge attic and the new pin is right next to the wooden horse thats the new ( pin ).

new-pin.pnggo to the boiler room and you will see it that the new (pin).

New pin  the new pin is sombrero but you have to hit the  donky.pngdonky .

New pinThe new pin is inside the lighthouse next to rockhoppers painting .

New pinThe New pin is at the cove and it is on the last rock at the bottom to your left .

 New Pin To Get the new pin you have to complete agua grabber at the ice burg  when you completed it click get pin

New PinThe New pin is at the Swimming pool next to the window

New PinThe New pin is a book to get down from the old newspaper files what you have to do is click the top old Newspapers file then i will fall then you stand over it


One Response to “pins”

  1. oklkboy Says:

    your pin page is good nice job tom

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