Cheats & Glitches

 these cool cheats are really cool try some of them and they dont (ban)and please dont copy these cheats  

                                       how to move members items

1. Stay as far as you can from the door.

2. Click on the door.

3. Quickly click on “Edit”

4. The Map appears

5. Enter a Mmber’s Igloo.

6. Click on the furniture and move them.

7. Have fun and move furniture it just like your igloo!

                               HOW TO MAKE A GIANT BRACLET POP UP

1.First go to the book room.(Second floor at coffe shop)

2:get far far away from the stairs.

3:Then click at the books and go to rockhoppers book.

4.Next go to the back where the braclet is and click on the braclet.

5.Dont do anything or click yes or no and finally you will come down to the first room i the coffe shop and there will be a giant braclet!!!

                                    how to get a freindship braclet

1. go to the second floor of the coffe room

 2. click on rockhopper book

3. and go right to the end of the book

 4. and click on the freindship braclet

5. click yes i would like a freindship braclet

6. you a a freindship braclet

                                        how to make the graphics weird

To do this you must press the += button and then they will go weird. click it again to change it again.

                    HOW TO CHUCK TONS OF SNOWBALLS

To do this first aim at someone. click t on your keyboard rapidly and keep hitting the mouses button.

                               HOW TO GET YOUR PUFFLES ENERGY FULL


  To do this give it a bath and some puffle food and it will be full

                             THE FLASHING WORDS

1. Type ‘I SAW A MONSTER IN A BOX’ in your chat bar. This WONT work if you have ultimate safe chat.

2. Say it

3. Waddle around. Cool huh?

                                                 find for glitch
1)go to ski lodge
2)click on one find for game
3)click yes and quickly click everywhere you want to go

Catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing
a. Once the end of the Ice Fishing level comes, catch a small fish and save it
b. Later, when the big fish comes, hold the line with the fish on it in front of the big fish and he will eat it



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