Me Orient70 I wear orange lime and I am awalys on iceland or mamoth. I wear blue sneakers ‘Red letterman jacket ‘Red guitar ‘Green snorkel ‘Orange football helmet.My freinds are Blingkid23gg  ‘ Charliemeth9 ‘ Doglovescat ‘ Dudemaster1995 ‘ Ipswich180          ‘Itchy 321 ‘ Kboy11 ‘ Kyleeyk95 ‘ Pellidio ‘ Pink tot 99 Pogly100 ‘ Prettychar45 ‘ Tylerhere07 ‘ Reddude1075 ‘  Up the os                     ‘ T67yu Nm76 as legoless

Also I love simpsons best character bart simpson lol I like football and cricket I started club penguin when the baseball pin  came out but my other acount oriented is 1 year and 3 months old (that is really old )


 Up The os

And this is my assistance Up the os he goes on mamoth or iceland or deep freeze and plus he is my brother so please be nice to him when ever i feel ill or dont want to update my brother will update and plus he changes his look so be warned .

 ORIENT70      AND     UP THE OS


One Response to “About”

  1. Purple Pirate Says:

    Yeah, you did it!

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